Digital democracy and deliberation

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 Brainstorm by Jessica Lock from The Noun ProjectWorkshop idea by Dr Pete Woodcock

All of the workshops at Local Democracy for Everyone have been created by our participants. We’re sharing a summary of each workshop idea to help you decide what you’d most like to participate in – and so that everyone can start to share their comments about each idea.

Digital democracy and deliberation

The challenge:

Much discussion on eDemocracy highlights the ease of participation it brings to prospective democratic citizens (therefore seeing it as a wholly good thing). It provides immense possibilities for a new public sphere, but it also contains many challenges. 

Deliberative democracy is the notion that there are two complimentary ideals in a democracy: 

1. the equal distribution of power (as allowed by the vote), and
2. an equal distribution of the right to participate in discussion around politics.

This workshop highlights the challenges to deliberation from online discussion, focussing on enclave deliberation (discussion within more or less insulated groups, in which like-minded people speak mostly to one another) and gender. It also invites discussion on how we can combat this.

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Dr Pete WoodcockDr Pete Woodcock
Head of Criminology, Politics and Sociology
University of Huddersfield

Pete Woodcock is the head of the division of Criminology, Politics and Sociology at the University of Huddersfield. His chief academic interest is the history of political thought, but he is interested in eLearning and issues around technology and citizenship. He is currently working of the works of J.S. Mill and how they can be applied to controversial issues around citizen participation on the web. When not working, he enjoys rugby, football and ballroom dancing. 

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