National Voter Registration Day

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National Voter Registration DayRegister to vote – Saturday 7th February 2015

Drop in to visit our Electoral Outreach Team
Huddersfield Media Centre lobby
10am to 12 noon & 1pm to 3pm

Our Local Democracy for Everyone events are happening in the same week as National Voter Registration Day.

All this week, many local organisations are campaigning to get people registered to vote – especially younger people who are massively under-represented on the electoral register.

Did you know that only around 50% of 16 to 24 year olds are actually registered to vote, compared with around 85% of people aged over 55?

Our Electoral Outreach Team are doing all they can to change this.

The process for registering to vote changed this year, which means that anyone aged 16 or over should be on the Electoral Register. It’s important for young people to register because:

  • If you’re not registered, you can’t vote in local or general elections.
  • If you want to get a mobile phone contract, the first thing that many companies check is the Electoral Register.
  • If you’ve just started working and you need to open a bank account, you need to be on the Electoral Register.
  • If you’re applying for a mortgage, you should make sure you are on the Electoral Register at your home address.

Drop in to get registered to vote. It’s easy!

Voting stickers

National Voter Registration Day – Thursday 5th February 2015

  • Kirklees Young People’s Service are helping out by providing a mobile hub which will be situated outside Huddersfield Bus Station on the day. Anyone can drop in to register. Look out for us!
  • Staff at Kirklees Libraries and Customer Service Centres will be on hand all day to help people register to vote. Huddersfield Library will be open until 7pm. Look out for the National Voter Registration Day posters, banners and leaflets.
  • The Student Union at Huddersfield University will be running a massive campaign to get students to register to vote.
  • Huddersfield Giants and the Student Engagement Team at Kirklees College will be running an event over the lunchtime period to get students to register.
  • Spen Valley High School are holding their own event on the day.
  • Greenhead College are joining with us and their student engagement team will be running a campaign around registering to vote, which will be held in their main hall.
  • In the evening, a mobile unit will team up with youth workers, to tour hotspots where young people congregate, and explain the benefits of registering to vote.


Bite the BallotNational Voter Registration Day is a Bite The Ballot campaign. This work is vital in bringing communities together and empowering as many people as possible. There are unnecessary barriers when it comes to getting involved in democracy. We’re doing our bit to remove these barriers, making voter registration and engagement easy for everyone.


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