Democracy Cinderella, you shall go to LocalGovCamp

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Look out for our “Democracy Cinderella” session at LocalGovCamp:

How are we going to redesign local democracy?

The #Notwestminster gang are made up to be collaborating with LocalGov Camp this week.  It has been brilliant for us to take some of the Design Challenges that emerged from our event in February into the Local Democracy Maker Day. We’re hoping that we can build some great stuff to help us do local democracy better. 

We also want to take the local democracy theme into Saturday’s LocalGovCamp 2015 unconference. So we intend to pitch a session inspired by a great blog post from a fully paid up member of the gang, Dave Mckenna. In his post, Dave explains that something often gets left behind in our rush to transform services – and that thing is democracy. He describes how (and why) we are “looking for ways to bring local democracy redesign work out of the shadows; to bring democracy Cinderella to the service redesign ball.”

If you haven’t seen this already, it’s well worth a read:
Redesign local democracy, not just services
We want to take some of these ideas into LocalGov Camp to stimulate thinking and discussion. So, whilst Dave can’t be there in person (you’ll be missed), we want to tap into the finest minds in the sector to explore how we might redesign local democracy.

If all goes well, perhaps we can start on another journey that ends at #Notwestminster in February 2016. Come and join us on Saturday to talk about redesigning local democracy.

It’ll be great.

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