Your Notwestminster 2016 workshop ideas

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Share your workshop ideas
Together we’ve identified a series of Design Challenges for Local Democracy and we’re looking for practical ideas in response to these. Want to help shape our conversations?

We’d love to hear from anyone who would like to run a 50 minute workshop with a distinctly democratic flavour in Huddersfield on Saturday 13th February 2016. Your workshop should relate to one of our design challenges. Some examples are:

  • Young people – How can we get young people involved in local democracy?
  • Access to decision makers – How can we encourage real contact between those making the decisions and those affected by them?
  • Voter information – How can we make sure voters in the local elections get the facts and figures they need?
  • Digestible democracy – How can we make it less obscure like jazz, more popular like rock n roll?
  • Open data – How can we better share the data of local democracy?
  • Community News & Campaigns – How can we connect enthusiasts and help citizens to tell the story?

Please have a look at our full list and catch up with the story so far:

Design Challenges for Local Democracy

What we did at our Local Democracy Maker Day #LDMaker15


What are we looking for?

Workshops can be in any format you choose, from open discussions to practical creative sessions. Talk about something, build something or dismantle something.

If your proposal is accepted, your responsibility is to frame the challenge in a way that’s easy for a wide range of participants to understand and get involved in, then together work out one practical thing we could do to meet the challenge.

But the workshop is not a teaching session – your introduction should last no more than 10 minutes. After that, your role is to bring out the best from the group.

The outcome of your workshop should be one practical suggestion for redesigning local democracy – and the names of anyone in the room who is willing to help make it happen. We’ll give you an ideas sheet (both on paper and online) to record this on.

The final session of the day will be an informal ideas bazaar where you can have a drink, take a look at all the practical ideas from the day and do a spot of plotting.

share your idea for a Notwestminster workshop.


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