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Meet the #notwestminster gang

The Notwestminster network brings people together to create and share new ideas for doing local democracy. It’s for everyone who has something positive to say about local democracy and for anyone who is up for a challenge. We aim to turn our discussions around local democracy and digital into some practical tools and techniques that we can all use to make democracy work better for us. Our volunteers organise an annual Notwestminster event each February in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, which is the UK’s default unconference style event for all things local democracy. Follow us on twitter @LDBytes

Carl Whistlecraft

Carl Whistlecraft

I’m Head of Democracy at Kirklees Council. 25 years’ experience of working closely with elected councillors in the fields of policy and governance. I have a passion for local democracy and am fascinated by the opportunities presented by supporting and promoting democracy in a digital age.

I am currently co-lead of the Rewiring Local Democracy (RLD) work stream as part of the LocalGov Digital Programme.

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or read my blog: http://gr8governance.blogspot.co.uk


Diane Sims

Diane Sims (and friends)

I’ve been helping people to use all kinds of technology to get things done in their neighbourhoods for over ten years. My work for Kirklees Council involves online communication, content development and digital engagement. I’m also a local food grower, heritage campaigner, timebanker, writer and artist. I believe that, between us, we have everything we need.

My democracy projects include:
Kirklees Democracy Commission – what should local democracy be like?
Election Tales – helping local people to tell the story of the local elections

Find me online at:



Dave Mckenna

Dave MckennaI am a freelance public servant and local democracy geek. I have 20 years local government experience and a PhD in local politics. I help councils and other public bodies with their improvement, design and research work. In my own work I love to use solution focussed techniques and to learn about the amazing things people are doing to make democracy better.

Find me online at:


Practical Public Governance

How to be a public servant – Medium

Localopolis (blog)


David Bundy
David Bundy

Passionate believer and advocate for Public Service and Local Democracy. Have worked in local government in various roles for too many years to remember! Family guy (not Peter Griffin); lifelong Arsenal supporter and punk rock fanatic!

Firmly believe that digital has a massive role to play in a enabling people to re-engage with the democratic process and have a greater stake in society.

Working with Local Gov Digital on this programme and associated projects.


Find me on Twitter:


Spencer Wilson

Spencer WilsonI have worked at Kirklees Council for nearly ten years, with a background in neighbourhood management, neighbourhood renewal and governance of area committees. Spent some time doing project work in the housing service, particularly on implementation of the Empty Homes Strategy, before coming back ‘home’ to Governance and Democratic Services. Advocate for Digital Democracy #localgov #ldbytes; always happiest when working on change projects that include a good dose of innovation and creativity. Love my family, books, writing, film, steak. Good cook, bad baker! Would like a TARDIS if anyone has a spare!

Find me on Twitter:


or visit my blog:


Agnieszka Wilstrop

Agnieszka Wilstrop

Well, I am Polish born and bred… but spent more than half of my life in the UK… Working for local government only for just over a year now.

Passionate about democracy, Liverpool FC, international trade and travel!

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Please contact us if you have any questions.

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