Democracy Maker Day 2018

Democracy Maker Day 2018

Democracy Maker Day

Friday 16th February 2018
The Media Centre, Northumberland Street, Huddersfield HD1 1RL

A Notwestminster 2018 fringe event.

We’re holding a Democracy Maker Day where anyone who is already doing (or who wants to do) something practical to improve our local democracy can work together with others in our network. Anyone is welcome to join in.

We want to hear your ideas for something that we can all work on together. To get you thinking, we’ve suggested a few things. These are all recommendations from the Kirklees Democracy Commission’s “Growing a stronger local democracy” report. Please tell us if you’re interested in working on any of these. We’re also keen to hear your own suggestions, and we’d like to hear from anyone who would like to lead the day.

A few ideas for starters:

  • Improving our democratic content
    …review our approach to creating and sharing democratic content. This should involve exploring different and innovative ways of developing content to facilitate dialogue and engagement before, during and after the formal decision-making process.
  • Social media audits for councillors
    …provide our councillors with a live social media audit that provides details of social media use, online networks and connectivity for the ward they represent.
  • Data for our wards and neighbourhoods
    …provide timely information and intelligence at a ward and neighbourhood level to support councillors and communities in working effectively.
  • Content standards for local democracy
    …develop a set of democratic content standards which should be used as a basis for all content that councils produce and publish as part of decision-making. These should include using clear language, helping people to understand what point we’re at on the decision-making journey and making sure that our content is based on citizens’ needs.
  • Making council meetings easier to understand
    …develop online and off-line interpretive information for the public relating to all of our public meetings. Such information can be used at meetings but can also be part of wider civic awareness about the council and our democratic processes.

Tell us what you’d like to work on at our Democracy Maker Day


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