Designing the perfect seating for a public council meeting

A Notwestminster 2019 workshop from Dave Mckenna

Notwestminster 2019

Many council meetings such as cabinet, scrutiny, planning and other committee meetings are held in public and sometimes they involve the public. But what’s the best way to arrange the seating to ensure the best possible experience for the public and for councillors?

Building on recent research, and using the idea that these meetings are a bit like theatre, this workshop will invite you to be a stage designer and your challenge will be to come up with the ideal seating layout.

And yes, there will be lego.


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About the workshop host

Dave Mckenna

Dr Dave Mckenna

I am a freelance public servant and local democracy geek. I have 20 years local government experience and a PhD in local politics. I help councils and other public bodies with their improvement, design and research work. In my own work I love to use solution focussed techniques and to learn about the amazing things people are doing to make democracy better.

Find me online at:
Practical Public Governance
How to be a public servant – Medium


Citizens Assemble

Notwestminster 2019

Our local democracy is a shared endeavour, often a shared frustration, but above all a shared hope. Notwestminster is about finding the people, ideas and energy we need, so that we can use our skills and experiences for a common purpose.

Together we have what we need to assemble a stronger local democracy. Are you up for the challenge? Please join us.

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Notwestminster 2019

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