Digital democracy: utopia or dystopia?

A Notwestminster 2019 workshop from Sean Peacock

Notwestminster 2019

What will our democracy look like in 50 years’ time? This is the question we’ll be discussing in this workshop.

Whilst the state of democracy can sometimes look bleak, the increasing participation of young people gives us some hope. Digital technology also offers us immense possibilities for the future. In this workshop, we will speculate together about what the future might hold for democracy in our corners of the world. How might people engage? What might voting or consultations look like? What technologies might we have to help? And what does all this mean for our work today?

Inspired by popular shows like Black Mirror, this workshop will encourage participants to break from everyday thinking to come up with scenarios for how communication, organisation and democratic participation may evolve wildly in the future. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the current state of our democracy and to identify ways that we can influence these changes, whether good or bad, through our own activities.

Come and share your own personal experiences, including your aspirations and fears for the future, and your ideas of utopia and dystopia – however (un)realistic they may seem. The aim is for us to be able to take away some practical ideas about how we can steer a brighter future for our democracy.

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About the workshop host

Sean PeacockSean Peacock
Open Lab, Newcastle University

Sean is a PhD student in Digital Civics. His research interests centre on the ways that digital technology can support children and young adults participating in placemaking, who are often overlooked by urban planners and designers. His PhD project involves working with young people in schools and youth councils and interviewing council officers, charity workers, educators and technology designers. By doing this, he is hoping to better understand the opportunities and limitations that exist for young people to get involved in shaping places and how technologies can be used by young people as tools for communication, sense-making and activism around placemaking. He is interested in collaborating with individuals and organisations who wish to engage young people meaningfully in local political, civic and environmental issues.

Citizens Assemble

Notwestminster 2019

Our local democracy is a shared endeavour, often a shared frustration, but above all a shared hope. Notwestminster is about finding the people, ideas and energy we need, so that we can use our skills and experiences for a common purpose.

Together we have what we need to assemble a stronger local democracy. Are you up for the challenge? Please join us.

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Notwestminster 2019

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