Facilitation tools for people working together

A Notwestminster 2019 workshop from Noreen Blanluet

Notwestminster 2019


In this workshop, Noreen will share some facilitation tools that work well and are simple to apply, so that you can can take them away and use them in meetings and gatherings.

You’ll learn about tools that work for groups of citizens, or professional teams, or a mixture of the two – they’re about building relationships and finding ways to generate ideas effectively to turn them into action.

Bring your brain and a willingness to take part!  


How to get involved

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About the workshop host

Noreen BlanluetNoreen Blanluet
Director, Co-production Network for Wales

Noreen is a co-production consultant, trainer and facilitator, but even before that has been coaching and facilitating groups for many years. She is a huge advocate of co-production for the improvement and transformation of our public services and our society in general, but it always has to start with some very tangible actions, mainly: getting people together, and talking! Noreen loves sharing what she knows, and nerding out about all the related ideas, so talk to her about: co-production (obvs), improvement, complexity theory, democracy, citizen engagement, and anything that *you* are geeking out about.

Citizens Assemble

Notwestminster 2019

Our local democracy is a shared endeavour, often a shared frustration, but above all a shared hope. Notwestminster is about finding the people, ideas and energy we need, so that we can use our skills and experiences for a common purpose.

Together we have what we need to assemble a stronger local democracy. Are you up for the challenge? Please join us.

Notwestminster 2019 workshops list

Notwestminster 2019

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