Ideas for Consensus Voting

This idea came from Peter Emerson’s workshop at Notwestminster 2016

What we’re doing
Idea for Consensus voting in decision-making


Peter Emerson's workshop at Notwestminster 2016
Notwestminster16 (70 of 135) by Anthony Mckeown

Who we are

Peter EmersonPeter Emerson
The de Borda Institute

Peter Emerson, the child of an Irish Protestant father and an English Catholic mother, describes himself as “a political bastard”. He says: “Politics, after all, is either-or… majoritarian politics that is. A plural democracy, however, should allow for a plurality of ideas, both in debate and on the ballot paper!”

In 1985, outside Belfast City Hall, Paisley shouted “Ulster says NO!” So one week later, Peter and a few friends stood at the same spot, in silence, with a banner: “We have got to say ‘yes’ to something.” Find out more in Peter’s Consensus Voting workshop.

Peter’s latest work is “From Majority Rule to Inclusive Politics”.

Participants who signed up to help:

People who are interested in this idea

Who else wants to help?

If you’d like to get involved, please Leave a Reply on this page or contact Peter Emerson:


Design Challenges for Local DemocracyLocal Democracy Design Challenges

This idea came from Peter’s workshop at Notwestminster 2016, in response to one of our Design Challenges for Local Democracy, which were crowdsourced from our Notwestminster network. The challenge is:

Inclusive democracy: Everyone has the right to participate in local democracy and yet many have barriers placed in their way whether because of age, social class, poor health, impairment, disability or other reasons. How can we ensure that all local democratic activities provide a fair chance for everyone to participate?

Notwestminster Ideas Bazaar 2016

Notwestminster 2016 workshops list

Notwestminster 2016

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