Ideas for Redesigning the Council Meeting

This idea came from Dave Mckenna’s workshop at Notwestminster 2016

What we’re doing
Ideas for redesigning the council meeting


Dave Mckenna – Redesigning the Council Meeting Part II
“Council meetings would be so much more likely to involve the public if they were topical, welcoming, contested and unpredictable.”

Live notes

Redesigning the council meeting

Dave Mckenna's Redesigning the Council Meeting workshop at Notwestminster 2016
Notwestminster16 (15 of 193) by Anthony Mckeown

Who we are

Dave MckennaDave Mckenna
Scrutiny Manager,
City & County of Swansea

Dave works for the Council in Swansea where he has been for 20 years. Prior to finding a home with scrutiny he worked in a variety of front-line and policy roles with varying degrees of success. He has recently completed a part time PhD with the Department of Political and Cultural Studies, Swansea University. His topic was Local Government and Public Participation.

Localopolis (blog)
How to be a public servant (blog)

Photo of Dave courtesy of Anthony Mckeown.

Participants who signed up to help:

People who are interested in this idea

Who else wants to help?

If you’d like to get involved, please Leave a Reply on this page or contact Dave Mckenna:


Design Challenges for Local DemocracyLocal Democracy Design Challenges

This idea came from Dave’s workshop at Notwestminster 2016, in response to one of our Design Challenges for Local Democracy, which were crowdsourced from our Notwestminster network. The challenge is:

Social Council Meetings: Council meetings discuss many issues that affect people yet they are poorly attended by the public and often pass unnoticed. How can we get people to take part in council meetings so that they can be involved in debates that affect them?

Notwestminster Ideas Bazaar 2016

Notwestminster 2016 workshops list

Notwestminster 2016


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