Ideas for The Councillor Commission

This idea came from Colin Copus’s workshop at Notwestminster 2016

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Ideas for the Councillor Commission

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The Councillor Commission


The Councillor Commission – Colin Copus (Workshop intro)


Colin's workshop at Notwestminster 2016
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Who we are

Colin CopusColin Copus
Director of the Local Governance Research Unit
Department of Politics & Public Policy, De Montfort University

Colin Copus is a Professor of Local Politics. His academic interests are central-local relationships and the constitutional status of local government, localism, local party politics, local political leadership and the changing role of the councillor. Colin has worked closely with policy-makers and practitioners in central and local government and he was an advisor to the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee. He is working with the Communities and Local Government Committee on the role of the councillor. He has also served as a councillor on a London Borough council, a county and a district council and three parish councils.

Colin’s latest book is: “In Defence of Councillors”, published by Manchester University Press.

Participants who signed up to help:

People who are interested in this idea

Who else wants to help?

If you’d like to get involved, please Leave a Reply on this page or contact Colin Copus:


Design Challenges for Local DemocracyLocal Democracy Design Challenges

This idea came from Colin’s workshop at Notwestminster 2016, in response to one of our Design Challenges for Local Democracy, which were crowdsourced from our Notwestminster network. The challenge is:

Real Representation: The job of the local councillor is to represent their constituents yet their wards can include as many as 25,000 people, all different, all special.  How can councillors better reach out to people in their community so that everyone can be properly represented?

Notwestminster Ideas Bazaar 2016

Notwestminster 2016 workshops list

Notwestminster 2016

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