Bring back committees, all is forgiven?

A Notwestminster 2016 Lightning talk from Angela Ellam

Notwestminster lightning talks

The traditional committee system was criticised for its lack of efficiency, accountability and transparency.  In many councils it was replaced by the cabinet system, which also has weaknesses.  It concentrates power in the hands of a few, which may result in undemocratic, corrupt or poor decision making. 

So, is the committee system better after all? 

Dr Angela Ellam uses the findings from her doctoral research into political power in local government to explore the merits of each system, and determine the better of the two.  

Video of Angela’s talk

Angela EllamDr Angela Ellam
Doctoral Researcher in Local Government

Angela has considerable experience of local government. She worked for Kirklees Council for 12 years before becoming a management consultant. As a consultant she has worked with numerous councils, providing support and advice to senior managers. Angela was a councillor for Kirklees Council, where she chaired a Scrutiny Panel, and was a member of the Local Public Service Board, a Director of an arms-length housing company and a governor for a primary school and Further Education College. Drawing on her experience she co-wrote a book on local government from a councillor’s perspective. And has recently completed a doctoral thesis on political power in local government.

Lightning talks list

Notwestminster 2016 


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