Ideas Bazaar 2017

Notwestminster ideas bazaar

Turning ideas into action

Our Notwestminster main event on Saturday 11th February 2017 closes with an Ideas Bazaar at 3.30pm. We will be sharing the ideas from all our workshop sessions, and you’ll have an opportunity to sign up to help make things happen. This is a really important part of the day, because Notwestminster is about turning our local democracy discussions into action.

Please come along and listen to all the ideas, then talk about anything you’d like to get involved in. It’s a great opportunity to see what others are working on and to chat about what we might do next. Look out for all the Ideas sheets along the window ledge and add your name if you’re interested in making the ideas happen.

Drinks from 4pm

We hope you’ll also stick around for a while to join us in the pub and keep the conversation going. We’ll point you in the right direction at the end of the Ideas Bazaar. 

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