What is a 21st Century Councillor?

A Notwestminster 2017 Lightning talk from Catherine Needham

Notwestminster lightning talks

This talk will share findings from the University of Birmingham’s 21st Century Councillor project, looking at the roles, skills and values of elected members, and how these are shifting. The research was prompted by our earlier 21st Century Public Servant research, during which officers asked us about how councillors were adapting to the challenges of austerity, demographic change, devolution and new technologies.

As well as sharing what came from our 50 interviews with elected members, we would like to hear from Notwestminster participants about what training and development councillors need if they are to be supported to have different kinds of conversations with citizens and officers.

21st Century Councillor

Catherine NeedhamCatherine Needham
Reader in Public Policy and Public Management
University of Birmingham

Catherine is an academic at the University of Birmingham. Her research covers public service workforce, co-production, personalisation and social care. She coordinates the 21st Century Public Servant research programme on workforce change. The 21st Century Councillor project launched in 2016 and is looking at the skills, roles and values of elected members and how these can be enhanced to strengthen local democracy.

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Lightning talks 2017
Notwestminster 2017