Councillors as conveners and facilitators of innovation

The Making SpaceA Notwestminster 2017 workshop from Andrew Wilson

This workshop will take place in The Making Space, a new shared workspace where people exchange skills, come up with ideas and make new stuff. There are a maximum of 9 places in this session, and priority will be given to balancing different perspectives on local democracy. Please register your interest and Andrew will text you on the day to confirm.

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People and the connections between them are the only things that really make any difference, for good or bad. This workshop is based on a hunch that at least some councillors are the right kind of people, in the right role, to help create civic innovation – and that they are probably already doing it, maybe under another name, such as “politics” or “community development”.

One way to generate new ideas is the crossover between different kinds of knowledge. Councillors are already in one crossover – between the local democracy of citizens and the local government of council officers. And because councillors are active citizens, their role already brings them into contact with a wider range of different kinds of people and expertise than most of us.

In our discussion we’ll come up with working descriptions of what we think the characteristics of innovation and of admirable councillors are. Then we’ll see if there are points where the characteristics of real innovation and admirable councillors touch, and decide how we can make use of what we’ve learned.

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Andrew WilsonAndrew Wilson
Hannah Directory & The Making Space

I’ve been initiating and taking part in processes of innovation for nearly 20 years, using all sorts of technology from printed paper to atomic force microscopes. Based on that experience, I’ve come to think of both co-operation and innovation as craft skills. They’ve got to be learned, and you get better with practice.

Hannah Directory
The Making Space


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Kirklees Democracy Commission

All our Notwestminster 2017 workshops are based on themes that have been inspired by discussions with citizens, as part of the Kirklees Democracy Commission.

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