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A Notwestminster 2017 workshop from Rajesh Bhardwaj

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In this workshop we’ll look at how we can use a range of tried and tested innovation techniques to achieve better outcomes in local government reporting.

Local authorities generate lots of data and report large quantities of data, yet they are perhaps not providing the best value from this data. Reports are often created by a single person to comply with some minimum, specific requirements. I am very interested in how we can move reporting forward, both from a cultural and a technology perspective.

The workshop will begin by clearly defining the terms ‘Open cultures’ and ‘Design thinking’ and exploring what these mean. We’ll then look at the key challenges and opportunities presented by existing local government reporting. Participants will learn about five innovation tools and techniques, which you can apply in the workshop to kick start your own local reporting experiment.

After the workshop, we’ll set up a working group and give committed participants some additional tools to use in their design experiments for local government reporting.

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Rajesh Bhardwaj

Rajesh Bhardwaj

Rajesh is an independent Digital Strategist based at the Urban Innovation Centre in Islington, London. This year he has worked extensively with the Air quality and Sustainable Transport teams across the London boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets to define their digital strategy and develop their inaugural website. His current interest is focused on facilitating programmes and workshops that result in more proactive and collaborative workplace cultures within Local government.


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Kirklees Democracy Commission

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