Greater Manchester People’s Plan and owning democracy

A Notwestminster 2017 workshop from Jenny Cronin, with Rashid Mhar

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I think Notwestminster represents a strong attitude – to me, it’s about asserting the right to define rather than be defined by some ‘other’.

The People’s Plan is an example of citizens and civil society making their own plan for Greater Manchester, where there is a regional devolution deal in place and a metro-mayor election due in May 2017.

In this workshop we’ll talk about:

  • What the Greater Manchester People’s Plan is and why it’s important
  • Why and how campaigns like Unlock Democracy should link with it
  • How it relates to the election and role of the Greater Manchester Mayor in May 2017
  • How it could be sustained beyond the immediate term
  • How it relates to similar motivations and campaigns across the country and beyond

Together we’ll take a look at the
People’s Plan website
 and discuss similar initiatives – what works, how to link up, how to increase and sustain impact and what to do next. Please come along to find out what’s happening in Greater Manchester and share your own experiences and aspirations for the future.

How can we work together to make democracy part of everyday life? Personally I want to hear about people’s approach to this right to assert and normalise everyday ideas as taking part in democracy – to point out when something is undemocratic and assert what would make a better democracy in a better community.

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Jenny CroninJenny Cronin
Chair, Unlock Democracy Greater Manchester

I’ve been a supporter of democratic reform campaigns for some years initially through Unlock Democracy. We stand for fair politics, accountable government and citizen engagement. Devolution of English regions along the same lines as Scotland and Wales is a cause I still hang on to though it is sorely disrupted by the piecemeal devolution deals that parts of the North of England have been inflicted with. Nevertheless we network with a variety of local campaigning groups, underlining our view that the democracy theme threads through the issues they are contending with too and that we can support each other. We run participatory and reflective events – a democratising approach – and that’s where the People’s Plan comes in.

Kirklees Democracy Commission
Kirklees Democracy Commission

All our Notwestminster 2017 workshops are based on themes that have been inspired by discussions with citizens, as part of the Kirklees Democracy Commission.

This workshop is inspired by…

Making democracy part of everyday life

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