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A Notwestminster 2017 workshop from John Popham

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This workshop will introduce, test and refine the concept of the Civic Story Factory, which will unlock the powerful stories of change that exist in our public and nonprofit organisations, and use them to create further positive social change.

The Civic Story Factory will do this by telling the stories of great work individuals and organisations do, and training professionals and beneficiaries to tell their own stories. It will include Digital Storytelling – telling stories of great civic service in video and through social media – and training in video and social media.

The most powerful stories are those which come from “the horse’s mouth”, so, wherever possible, the Civic Story Factory will encourage and facilitate the people doing the work to tell the story themselves, and, ultimately, to get the people who benefit from services to describe their impacts.

Civic organisations and institutions often approach content sharing as if they were writing serious reports. Instead, we need to learn from what engages people online and adopt fun, interesting, impactful storytelling.

We will start by outlining the concept of the Civic Story Factory and testing participants’ reaction to its objectives and methods. We will then move on to developing a case study story in video and other forms of social media to test the concept.

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John Popham

John Popham
Digital Storyteller

John is a freelance Digital Storyteller based in Huddersfield. He has a strong track record of helping public and voluntary sector organisations to develop their online voices. He also runs a number of social enterprises, including Ageing Digital, which introduces older people to life-enhancing new technologies through fun and innovative means, and Citizens Live, which offers low-cost video services and live streaming. John’s new social enterprise, the Civic Story Factory, will be dedicated to telling great stories of the people who work in public and voluntary services and the differences they make to people’s lives.

Kirklees Democracy Commission
Kirklees Democracy Commission

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