The Great British By-Election

A Notwestminster 2017 workshop from Joe Mitchell

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We all know turnout at local elections can be pretty dire. And some places it’s much worse than others. What can we do to make local elections better?

In this workshop, we’ll imagine we had a £5,000 grant to spend on making a single ward-level by-election better for everyone: boosting awareness and turnout — and resulting in better representation.

We’ll come together to discuss what a ‘good’ local election looks like, then generate ideas to get there.

We’ll finish with a discussion of where this approach could be applied and how we could measure its effectiveness.

At Democracy Club we try to work out how to make democracy work better for everyone. We can mobilise non-partisan, democracy-loving volunteers to take action in their communities.

There are structural reasons that probably explain some of the lower turnout for local elections — but how much could be explained by lack of awareness, information, social norming, and fun?

By focusing in on a single ward-level election, we could provide useful lessons for the rest of the country. Please come along and help.

Democracy Club will blog up the ideas — and we’ll make a plan to apply them in practice.

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Joe MitchellJoe Mitchell
Democracy Club

Joe believes in the power of online participation to make democracy better – hence helping to found Democracy Club. He previously worked at Purpose, one of the world’s leading online organising consultancies, on projects relating to global health and the environment. He also has a range of experience across the public and third sectors, including in marketing and communication for the UK Government, and advocacy and research for NGOs such as Transparency International and Global Witness. Along the way he picked up several degrees in law, development and governance.

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Kirklees Democracy Commission

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