Upskilling and equipping local councillors to connect with citizens where they are

A Notwestminster 2017 workshop from Helen Cammack

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Some local councillors can be good at meeting people but terrible at social media and other digital communications. I would very much like to give councillors the tools they need to improve communication with their constituents.

What would the ideal tool or toolkit look like for local councillors (who may not have advanced digital skills) to use to communicate with their community? What kind of tools can help councillors reach a diverse local audience, rather than just focusing on one specific channel? What features would these tools need and what options are already out there for local councillors? How can we give councillors the advice and skills they need to use these tools effectively and time-efficiently?

In this workshop we will:

  1. Share ideas and good examples of what councillors could be doing to connect with citizens – including the use of email, social media, print media, discussion forums and public meetings.
  2. Evaluate these ideas, looking at inclusiveness, audience size and ease of use.
  3. Do some “Blue sky” thinking on what could perhaps exist. If we were building one tool for councillors to use, what would it look like?

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Helen CammackHelen Cammack

Helen is a “tech for good” social entrepreneur interested in improving local communities, especially the way they communicate. She founded – an online tool for community groups which helps them reach a wider audience in a multi-channel world. She is also a keen participant in local democratic debate in her hometown of Woking, Surrey. She is interested in exploring new applications for which help to further local democracy and open access to community information.


Kirklees Democracy Commission
Kirklees Democracy Commission

All our Notwestminster 2017 workshops are based on themes that have been inspired by discussions with citizens, as part of the Kirklees Democracy Commission.

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