Building Citizens in Kirklees and beyond

A Notwestminster 2018 workshop from Tom Chigbo

Notwestminster workshops

For over 25 years, ordinary people around the UK have used the power of Community Organising to put democracy into action – building relationships across diverse communities, campaigning for social justice and holding decision-makers to account. From £210 million in Living Wages to local estate repairs and better mental health services, local alliances supported by a national community organising charity, Citizens UK, have been at the forefront of people-led change.

In this workshop, we will learn from these stories and explore the potential for civil society in Kirklees and beyond to form a Citizens Alliance that develops the capacity of ordinary people to take public action. You’ll learn about some key tools, hear storytelling from people who have experience of Community Organising and take part in an interactive practical exercise.

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About the workshop host

Tom ChigboTom Chigbo

Tom is a Senior Organiser with Citizens UK, a Community Organising charity that helps local civil society organisations build community relationships and take action for the common good. Over the last 6 years Tom has trained and equipped hundreds of people of a variety of ages, faiths and backgrounds with the skills to take positive social action. In 2014 Tom moved to Leeds to launch Leeds Citizens, an alliance of 30 faith, education and community organisations to campaign on a range of issues including the Living Wage, mental health, public transport and youth opportunities.


We are Generation D

Notwestminster 2018Strengthening our local democracy is something that we can only do together. Democracy needs to work better for everyone, all the time, win or lose. We think that the stronger local democracy we all want and deserve could be just around the corner. And we don’t need a tardis to get there. We just need each other.

The future of local democracy starts with us. So let’s talk about our democratic generation. Let’s talk about our regeneration.

But let’s not stop at the talking.

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Notwestminster 2018

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