Ideas for deliberative democracy test-and-learn pilots

A Notwestminster 2018 workshop from Miriam Levin

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There is huge potential for deliberative democracy models, such as Citizens Juries or Citizens Commissions, to enable people to have control over the decisions that affect their lives.

What would a series of pilots at local government level look like and what decisions are ripe for this sort of process?

Whilst there’s a lot of good work going on about empowering people, I think there is a big gap around enabling people to actually get practically involved in decisions on the issues that affect their everyday lives.

I’m very interested in looking at how we can create opportunities for deliberative democracy to fill this gap.

I’ll share some of my learning from community-led movements for change and deliberative democracy in other countries, in particular the newDemocracy Foundation in Australia.

If you’d like to see some of these models tried out here in the future, come and help us to come up with ideas for what these pilots would be like and share the kind of decisions that you’d like to be able to get involved in. There are no guarantees that we can make it happen, but you’ll be sharing ideas with others who are keen to try and help.

How to get involved

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About the workshop host

Miriam LevinMiriam Levin
Head of Community Action and Giving, Office for Civil Society

Miriam has worked in community development throughout her career. Her work has focussed on how people can be involved in shaping the places where they live and take action on the things that matter to them. In her current role, she is running two major programmes – one to train 3,500 more people in Community Organising and the other to support partnerships of citizens, civil society organisations and local authorities to work together to tackle issues through social action. She also has a secret plan to revolutionise democracy from within government. Though this may be a pipe-dream, she is very much looking forward to discussing the possibilities at Notwestminster 2018.

We are Generation D

Notwestminster 2018Strengthening our local democracy is something that we can only do together. Democracy needs to work better for everyone, all the time, win or lose. We think that the stronger local democracy we all want and deserve could be just around the corner. And we don’t need a tardis to get there. We just need each other.

The future of local democracy starts with us. So let’s talk about our democratic generation. Let’s talk about our regeneration.

But let’s not stop at the talking.

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Notwestminster 2018

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