One Team Local Democracy?

A Notwestminster 2018 workshop from Sharon Dale and Matt Stroud

Notwestminster workshops

What value can One Team Government bring outside of Westminster?

One Team Government is a community of people who are “united and guided by a set of principles”. The community is made up of people who are passionate about public sector reforms, with the emphasis on improving services for citizens. It started in 2017 in Westminster.

We would like to explore the value of One Team Government outside of Westminster, and see how this way of working could help our local democracy. How is it similar and different to things which already exist, and how can we connect those things together to support our local democracy?

The One Team Government movement is guided by seven principles:

  1. Work in the open and positively
  2. Take practical action
  3. Experiment and iterate
  4. Be diverse and inclusive
  5. Care deeply about citizens
  6. Work across borders
  7. Embrace technology

If you think any or all of that sounds relevant for our local democracy and for our work together, please come along to talk about what we can learn from One Team Government about connecting people to achieve our aims.

How to get involved

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About the workshop host

Sharon DaleSharon Dale
Independent Facilitator and Engagement Lead, Hippo Digital

Sharon specialises in capability building, inclusion and team effectiveness. She has led on an induction and  development programme for public sector Service Owners since January 2014 which has given her a great deal of insight into the challenges faced by teams undertaking transformation in the public sector. More recently she has joined digital service design consultancy Hippo Digital based in Leeds. Sharon is a member of the team who organise the Leeds Govjam events and NUX (Northern User Expereience) and is a serial volunteer for events such as UKgovcamp, Localgovcamp and OneTteam Government. Her main interest is in creating shared understanding and the conditions for people to work well together.

Matt StroudMatt Stroud

Matt is a Business Analyst at City of York Council, a business graduate from the University of Wales Bangor, and occasional sketchnoter. After managing York Council’s mobile working estate for a little over 8 years he joined the Business Engagement team as a Technical Project Manager. One of his first projects was collaborating alongside FutureGov and it was like being taught football skills by Lionel Messi; The importance of building empathy, something called UX (User Experience innit), capturing and testing assumptions, ensuring the users are involved and engaged, taking a holistic view… It was mind-blowing and he lapped the learnings up like a proverbial sponge!

Due to his love of the early, discovery stage of projects he became the user centric Business Analyst he is now early last year. Alongside this, he supervises the postal vote process for each election and has been involved in some capacity with the last ten elections (going back to 2007). He is also an organising member of NUX (Northern User Experience), a not for profit group who arrange and run meetups and events for fellow usability and design enthusiasts across the North of England.

We are Generation D

Notwestminster 2018Strengthening our local democracy is something that we can only do together. Democracy needs to work better for everyone, all the time, win or lose. We think that the stronger local democracy we all want and deserve could be just around the corner. And we don’t need a tardis to get there. We just need each other.

The future of local democracy starts with us. So let’s talk about our democratic generation. Let’s talk about our regeneration.

But let’s not stop at the talking.

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Notwestminster 2018

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