What works to get people to join the debate?

A Notwestminster 2018 workshop from Cllr Mike Jordan

Notwestminster workshops

This workshop is all about how we can encourage people to turn up and take part.

Mike and his fellow councillors have tried lots of different things to get the message out to local communities. Although this seems to working, it’s still often the case that people say “the council are doing nothing”. Whether you’re a councillor, a local government officer or a citizen, you’ll probably understand something of both perspectives.

So what can we do to help councillors and their constituents to connect?

One of the things that’s worked in Mike’s area is a forum for the community. Their method is:

  1. Pick an area and book a venue.
  2. Leaflet the surrounding area to say ‘the council is coming’.
  3. Ask on the leaflet what people’s issues are.
  4. Book relevant speakers.
  5. Have the forum.
  6. Include a ‘market place’ first, at which representatives from the parish, district and county councils, the police, fire service and others all set up a stall so that participants can have a one-to-one conversation.

Mike would like to invite you to come and share an example of what has worked in your own area, be it from a small local group, through to a police commissioner. He says: “This is about getting the message out to folk and getting them engaged and prepared to turn up. Planning is easy, everything else isn’t!!”

Please come along and share ideas from your own area about what helps people to turn up now, or what we could do differently in the future.

How to get involved

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About the workshop host

Councillor Mike JordanCllr Mike Jordan
Selby District Council

Mike was born and raised in Hornsea on the East Coast before attending Huddersfield Polytechnic to study Chemistry. Having qualified he stayed in the town a further 5 years, married, then moved to Castleford working for a new chemical company at Ferrybridge. He later moved to Knottingley near the town hall and switched jobs, working at a Chemical company in Mirfield. Mike retired at 60 in order to help his local community as he had by this time become an experienced Councillor in the Selby area. Mike’s main hobbies are car restoration, motorcycling and cycling itself. He is a member of a local club and Motorcycle Action Group.

We are Generation D

Notwestminster 2018Strengthening our local democracy is something that we can only do together. Democracy needs to work better for everyone, all the time, win or lose. We think that the stronger local democracy we all want and deserve could be just around the corner. And we don’t need a tardis to get there. We just need each other.

The future of local democracy starts with us. So let’s talk about our democratic generation. Let’s talk about our regeneration.

But let’s not stop at the talking.

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Notwestminster 2018

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