Ideas for governing collaboratively

A Notwestminster 2020 workshop hosted by Kate Grigg

Notwestminster 2019

In this workshop we’ll reimagine the relationships between local government and local communities.

Councils are both democratic institutions and service providers. How can we make these duties more harmonious by governing with citizens in innovative ways?

We’ll explore some innovative examples like The Wigan Deal and the Bologna Regulation. Then we’ll work together to design a ‘community contract’ between an imaginary local council and local citizens, built on common values and objectives.

Through our discussions we will:

  • share insights and visions for how common values can be part of governing
  • talk about what forms collaboration and co-creation of policy in communities could take
  • explore how to create transformational change for councils
  • think about areas in which a collaborative approach can benefit communities the most

This is an experiment aimed at opening up discussion and generating ideas. Come along to explore the  commonalities in our values and share ideas for how collaborative governance could work in practice.

About the workshop host

Kate Grigg

Kate Grigg
Research Officer, Centre for Public Scrutiny

Kate’s current work focuses on transparency, accountability and effective governance in local councils. During her MSc in Urban Studies she explored different city strategies concerning people and places in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid. Her past research has involved investigating ‘big data’ and urban citizenship in ‘smart cities’ and local government democratic innovations in the context of economic and political crises. She has a particular interest in new ways of governing through the lens of the ‘commons’ and how to democratise decision-making and reconstruct governance practices at a local level.

How to get involved

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Big hearts and open minds

Notwestminster 2020 main event

Our kind of democracy is human-scale. When we talk about local democracy, we mean the democracy that happens where we are, in our neighbourhoods and the places that we know. It is the democracy that we live and breathe, each and every day. It only lives when we have our hearts in it, and it only grows when we are open to thinking and doing in different ways.

So if you’re open to our local democracy being what we want it to be, and if you’re up for the challenge of doing something to help make it happen, please join us at Notwestminster.

Notwestminster 2020 workshops list

Notwestminster 2020

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