Systems of democracy

A Notwestminster 2020 workshop hosted by Catherine Howe

Notwestminster 2019

What will our future systems of democracy look like? When we think about democratic redesign we naturally focus on the future. The lure of technology and the natural urge of people to reinvent pushes us in that direction. However there are many positive things about the systems and tools we have now as well as the seeds of our future system – so we need to ask what of the past do we need in the future?

In this workshop Catherine will share a democratic system framework that she is starting to develop with the Democratic Society. We’ll use this framework to plot examples of work that participants have been doing and discussing as part of the Notwestminster main event. We’ll then talk about the conditions of success for those examples to help us think what our future systems of democracy may look like.

Catherine’s blog: Systems of democracy: A bit of democracy everywhere


About the workshop host

Catherine HoweCatherine Howe

Catherine is an expert in digital innovation, focusing on the area of digital democracy and social change. She has worked with new collaborative technologies and social networking tools for over 15 years. She is now Director of Design, Delivery and Change at Cancer Research UK where she is responsible for technology strategy and transformation. Her research interests cover digital civic space, citizenship and systems linking and she is both a Trustee of the Centre for Public Scrutiny and a Governor of the Democratic Society.


How to get involved

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Big hearts and open minds

Notwestminster 2020 main event

Our kind of democracy is human-scale. When we talk about local democracy, we mean the democracy that happens where we are, in our neighbourhoods and the places that we know. It is the democracy that we live and breathe, each and every day. It only lives when we have our hearts in it, and it only grows when we are open to thinking and doing in different ways.

So if you’re open to our local democracy being what we want it to be, and if you’re up for the challenge of doing something to help make it happen, please join us at Notwestminster.

Notwestminster 2020 workshops list

Notwestminster 2020

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