Rethinking climate action with young people

A Notwestminster 2022 workshop hosted by Kirklees Youth Council and the University of Huddersfield Students’ Union

What is climate action? How and where does it happen – and who does it?

When we talk with young people about climate change, are we putting pressure on our young citizens to fix things, but failing to empower them or to recognise their contribution? 

Join young people from Huddersfield for this workshop to talk about what would help people of all ages work together to tackle climate change, through collaboration not conflict. Hear what young people are already doing to address climate change in their local place and what support they might need from councillors and others to be able to do more.

Together we’ll be exploring ways that we can:

  • Help connect local action that is already taking place
  • Share young people’s positive, inspiring stories of action and hope
  • Connect active citizens with local councillors
  • Help others value young people’s contribution
  • Share our learning to enable more climate action

Please come along to be part of the conversation.

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About the workshop hosts

Kirklees Youth Council

Kirklees Youth Council helps young people to participate in local democracy and civic life. Developed with young citizens and co-ordinated by Kirklees Council, the  recently launched Democracy Friendly Schools programme is supporting children and young people in all schools to learn about local democracy, connect with local councillors and community organisations, and develop their own social action projects. At the heart of this programme is the opportunity for high school students to grow their skills and confidence by becoming Kirklees Youth Councillors.

Huddersfield Students’ Union

Huddersfield Students’ Union is a non-profit based on the University of Huddersfield campus, led by students for students, which exists to make student life better. We’re a completely independent organisation, so we’re 100% focused on students’ interests, concerns and wellbeing. We rely on student involvement and input to ensure that our work reflects the wishes of students at our University. Whether it’s joining a Sports Clubs or Society, running a life-changing campaign, applying to run in Elections, or volunteering in the local community, there are lots of ways to participate.

The future is unwritten


Lots of us are going through some significant changes. Things have happened in all our lives and communities that were not in our script. But the good news is that the future of our democracy is not yet written – and we can each be part of writing that story, everyday. 

If you want the next chapter of our local democracy to be different, and you’re up for the challenge of making it happen, please join us at Notwestminster. Share your ideas and experiences, listen to others, learn new ways of doing things, and help find practical ways of strengthening our local democracy.

How to get involved

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