#notwestminster blog roundup

blog wordcloudHere’s what people are saying about “We’re not in Westminster any more” in Huddersfield on 7th February 2015.

Plenty 🙂

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Blogs about the event

We are #notwestminster – are you? – by Diane and the #notwestminster gang

“The best way of summing up We’re Not In Westminster Any More is to say that we have started something. We always meant to. But we actually did…”

Reflections from We’re not in Westminster – Local Democracy for everyone – by Carl Haggerty

“Remember this date : Saturday 7th February 2015, because on Saturday in Huddersfield a special event took place…”

#notwestminster – by Dave Mckenna

“My hope is that the #notwestminster hashtag continues to be used. For me it represents the uniqueness of local democracy…”

#Notwestminster – Thank You – by Carl Whistlecraft

“This post is in recognition of all those folks who contributed to #notwestminster.”

My #notwestminster journey – by Diane Sims

“Could we possibly do something, together, that left people on the train home from Huddersfield feeling that something had changed?”

Local Democracy for Everyone: The Luddite Antithesis – by Spencer Wilson

“From the outset there was a feeling of how do we break and smash to smithereens the giant machine of democracy.”

It’s Up for Grabs Now! – by David Bundy

“The room was packed with young people, the experienced, Cllrs, reps from all sectors – all looking to make a difference.”

Local Democracy for Everyone #notwestminster – by John Popham

“I am encouraged that so many people want to contribute to making democratic processes fit for the modern day.”

Antidote to Sir Humphrey – by James McLaughlin

“The key message I’ve taken away from the event is that local democracy is not about structures and rules…”

#Notwestminster – by Sara Turnbull

“I took a lot of ideas away and a list of practical actions, but also something much more important…”

We’re not in Westminster anymore. – by Tim Cheetham

“Some truly inspiring ideas emerged and there was revolution in the air.”

We’re not in 2012 any more – by Phil Rumens

“From civic leaders to collaborative coders an amazing mix of people attended, all keen to improve local democracy, giving up their own time.”

Sifting through the enthusiasm – by Chris Naylor

“The event cracked on at great pace and crackled with energy…”

Blogs about the workshops

20 ways to connect open data and local democracy – by Tim Davies

“In the workshop we explored how these, and other approaches, could be used to respond to priority local issues, from investing funds in environmental projects, to shaping local planning processes, and dealing with nuisance pigeons.”

Three user stories for local democracy – by Dave Mckenna

“The workshop looked at how the user story technique might help us to redesign democracy around what people need.”

Local democracy for everyone: Open local government – by Tim Hughes

“The discussion ranged across a number of different issues and ideas related to transparency, participation and accountability in local government.

How can our voices be fairly heard? Huddersfield and Newcastle #notwestminster Conversations – by Andrew Wilson

“We sat round two tables and talked first about what we understand by devolution and why we think it’s of value.”

Well wishes – before and after

LocalGov Digital steering group – February 2015 – by Sarah Lay

“you are changing things just by getting together.”

Great turnout for Not in Westminster event – Suzanne Danon (Knowledge Hub)

“An event designed to make democracy ‘work better for everyone’ has been hailed as a great success.”

We also recommend this great Storify by John Popham

Local Democracy for Everyone: We’re Not in Westminster Anymore

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