Pitch your Notwestminster 2022 workshop idea


We are accepting ideas for our Notwestminster 2022 workshops now

These lively discussion sessions, all led by our participants, are at the heart of our event. We’d like to hear your workshop ideas now. Workshops can be about any aspect of local democracy and should ideally be inspired by (or related to) our Notwestminster 2022 main event description: The future is unwritten.

To give you an idea, workshops could be about:

  • Enabling citizens to write a shared vision for the future (through collaboration, local priority setting, digital storytelling, creating local manifestos, making zines …) 
  • Telling a different kind of story about democracy and local places (citizen journalism, enabling different voices to be heard, using digital media or print, democratising publishing …) 
  • Ways of bringing people together to create and share local solutions for tackling climate change
  • How we can use digital tools to improve access to democratic information and work more openly
  • Understanding the experiences of young citizens and finding practical ways of renewing our local democracy for the next generation

Or anything else that fits the theme.

Your workshop can be in any kind of format. We welcome ideas for doing things differently.

Your commitment

Workshops will be held on Saturday 26th February 2022 in Huddersfield.

Workshops will be in 50 minute time slots throughout the day, in a variety of spaces. If you have any specific requirements for space or equipment, please let us know.

  • If you make a pitch, you are personally responsible for hosting the workshop at Notwestminster (so only the workshop host should make a pitch).
  • Workshops should be interactive and participatory – we allow no more than 10 minutes for any presentation or introduction.
  • You must work with participants to agree on one new idea for improving our local democracy, based on the discussions in your workshop, and bring this along to our Ideas Bazaar.
  • You must stay for our Ideas Bazaar at 3.30pm.

If we receive more than one idea on the same theme, we might contact you to talk about running your session jointly with another participant.

New to Notwestminster?

Have a look at the workshops from our previous event:

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Please contact us at notwestminster@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Pitch deadline

Our initial call for workshop ideas closed on Monday 6th December 2021 and we’re reviewing all the  pitches now – but there’s still time for you to share your idea. We will continue to consider new workshop pitches whilst we still have space available in our programme. 

Your workshop idea

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