The best of Notwestminster 2018 – a compilation of our Pledges, Tweets, Pics, Videos, Words & Sounds

Best of Notwestminster 2018

If we want a stronger local democracy, we all need to be part of the generation that makes it happen. Notwestminster is for everyone who has something positive to say about local democracy and anyone who is up for the challenge of making it better. Notwestminster 2018 included a Democracy Maker Day where we explored ways of opening up council decision-making, a democracy themed PechaKucha Night of quickfire talks, a Democracy in the Making market stall with artist Amy Hirst to celebrate Vote 100, and our Main event featuring participant-led Workshops, Lightning talks and our Ideas Bazaar where we made our pledges to create a stronger local democracy.

Ideas & Pledges

Notwestminster 2018 pledges
Collecting pledges

Live notes & Blogs

Notwestminster 2018 main event
Carl Whistlecraft. Photo by Anthony McKeown

Main event:

Democracy Maker Day 2018
Sym Roe. Photo by Anthony McKeown

Maker Day:


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Twitter Moments

At Notwestminster 2018
Been there, got the T-shirt…



Notwestminster 2018 participants
Main event. Photo by Anthony McKeown



Lightning talks
Dr Grainne McMahon. Photo by Anthony McKeown

Video clips:

Live stream footage:


PechaKucha presentations

Rose Condo
Rose Condo. Photo by Anthony McKeown





Notwestminster 2018 playlist