Using live video to connect citizens and councils

A Notwestminster 2019 workshop from John Popham

Notwestminster 2019

Over the last decade many councils have begun livestreaming public meetings. Live streaming is open and transparent, giving citizens the opportunity to see what’s being debated and what decisions are made. More recently, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have made livestreaming and online conversation significantly easier, alongside a groundswell of citizens wanting their voice to be heard.

In this workshop we’ll discuss how livestreaming can better engage and connect citizens to debates and decision making. Can councillors or services make better use of livestreaming, outside of official council meetings? And how do we make sure that citizens have easy access to archive recordings, so that people can view the information that’s most relevant, at any time?

We’ll look at some examples of council livestreaming of meetings, including where and how they are promoted, alongside examples of how social media is being used more readily by people on a day to day basis. We’ll explore the differences, potential opportunities and risks for councils, councillors and services. How can we make better use of the tools available, to better connect citizens, councils and councillors?


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About the workshop host

John Popham

John Popham
Digital Storyteller

John is a freelance Digital Storyteller based in Huddersfield. He has a strong track record of helping public and voluntary sector organisations to develop their online voices. He also runs a number of social enterprises, including Ageing Digital, which introduces older people to life-enhancing new technologies through fun and innovative means, Citizens Live, which offers low-cost video services and live streaming and the Civic Story Factory, which is dedicated to telling great stories of the people who work in public and voluntary services and the differences they make to people’s lives. 


Citizens Assemble

Notwestminster 2019

Our local democracy is a shared endeavour, often a shared frustration, but above all a shared hope. Notwestminster is about finding the people, ideas and energy we need, so that we can use our skills and experiences for a common purpose.

Together we have what we need to assemble a stronger local democracy. Are you up for the challenge? Please join us.

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Notwestminster 2019

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