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Voter Information challenge

Voter Information: If democracy is to work then voters need to be properly informed about their candidates and yet much of what they receive is biased and sometimes even inaccurate. How can we ensure that voters in local elections get the facts and figures that they need to make an informed choice?

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What we did at our Local Democracy Maker Day (1)

Joe doing guerilla on-the-street research
A group of us went out onto the streets of Leeds to conduct some guerilla user research about voting in the local elections. This was prompted by Matt Edgar’s pitch, which appealed for us not to presume that we know what facts and figures people need – or whether this information would encourage people to vote. Their “Questions for Leeds” explored whether people voted in the last local elections, uncovered the stories of how people chose who to vote for, and asked people what might interest them next time. The group shared the results of their user research on the day.

Things we made:


WunderTV video featuring Sym Roe from Democracy Club talking about doing guerilla research on the streets of Leeds and promoting local hustings:


What we did at our Local Democracy Maker Day (2)

hustings leaflet design

A second group of us focussed on creating flatpack local hustings or “Local Democracy Festivals”. This was based on a suggestion pitched by Cllr Andrew Cooper from Kirklees, who would like to see more local hustings. Andrew has participated in hustings as a General Election candidate, but he remarked that for the local elections “it doesn’t really happen”. On the day, the group shared ideas for getting people interested in local elections and presented a working demo web site for finding your local hustings.

 Things we made:


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