What is the ideal local?

Ideas from the “What is the ideal local?” workshop at #notwestminster 2015, hosted by Charlotte Eisenhart…

Charlotte Eisenhart at #notwestminster
Charlotte Eisenhart at #notwestminster – photo NotWestminster (19 of 30) by Anthony Mckeown

Workshop challenge

If you could start with a blank piece of paper, how would you design local government? And how different is that from what we already have? We shared our views and talked about what ties our ideas together and where there is disagreement.

The three ideas

Flag created by Juan Pablo Bravo from The Noun Project

  1. The councillors are the council & vice versa – should be the key ethos of every council.
  2. Local issues are big issues – if it is important for people it is important.
  3. Efficient is not always effective – especially when it comes to decision making.
    Embrace: messy, complicated, emotional, complex, difficult.


Want to join us in working on one or more of these ideas?
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Ideal Local placard



About the workshop host

Charlotte EisenhartCharlotte Eisenhart
Improvement & Development Manager,
National Association of Local Councils

Charlotte is Improvement and Development Manager at NALC. Where she supports the work of the new multi-stakeholder Improvement and Development Board, and manages a range of improvement programmes for town and parish councils.

She previously spent six years managing leadership development programmes for councillors and officers in local government, initially at the Leadership Centre for Local Government, and then at the LGA. All these programmes shared a common aim of supporting councillors at each stage of their political lives, helping to reinvigorate local democracy and encouraging more people to get involved, creating a greater sense of civic pride in our communities. She also is co-founder of Young And In Gov – a network of enthusiastic young(er) people working in and around local government. She likes nothing more than speaking with people who love where they live and what they do!

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