What’s next for Notwestminster?

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Notwestminster participants

Join in our online get-together
Friday 26th February, 2pm to 4pm
Register now to take part

Notwestminster is for everyone who has something positive to say about our local democracy and anyone who is up for the challenge of making it better.

Although we can’t have our annual Notwestminster event in Huddersfield this February, we are still here for each other. And we’re still here for our local democracy.

You can come to Notwestminster to share your ideas and experiences, listen to others, learn new ways of doing things, be part of finding solutions to issues for our local democracy, bring your questions, share your aspirations, hear things that will spark your imagination, and meet lots of people who are at the heart of efforts to improve our local democracy, for everyone. 

Whilst we’re not able to gather, collaborate in the same room or talk over beer and curry in quite the same way this year, we’d love to hear your ideas about how we can best support each other over the coming months. This could be through some online workshops or more informal catch ups. We’re interested to hear what would work for you.

If you’ve already got involved in Notwestminster – or if you’d like to be involved – please come and take part in this informal online discussion about what happens next. You’ll be able to share:

  • Your thoughts about how connecting with people in the Notwestminster network could be useful for you and for your organisation this year.
  • Ideas for online discussions, talks, workshops or other activities that you’d like to be part of (or help to organise).
  • Something that you find valuable about Notwestminster events, which you’d like to see happening online.
  • Updates about things that Notwestminster has helped you to do.
  • Things that you’re currently working on, which you’d like to connect with others in our network about.

New to Notwestminster? We’ll share a quick introduction to what we do. 

We’ll also share an update about other work that’s happening in the UK to connect people who are working to strengthen our democracy. 

Please register if you’d like to take part, and we’ll send you a Zoom link nearer the time. 

If you have any questions, or if you can’t make it on the day but have ideas to share, please get in touch.

Register now to take part

Email: Notwestminster@gmail.com


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