Get involved

We want to turn our discussions around local democracy into some practical tools and techniques that we can all use to make democracy work better for us. Want to help make it happen?
Here are some of the ways to get involved:

Come along to our events

Notwestminster 2022 is in Huddersfield on 26th February 2022. 

Join our Notwestminster network

Sign up to our network to hear about the latest ways to get involved.

Join us on Twitter – You can find our ongoing conversations by following #Notwestminster or @Notwestminster  

We also have a Notwestminster Slack channel, which we currently use mainly to share updates with each other around our events.

Please join in 🙂

Make a pledge

We ask participants at our events to each make a personal pledge to do something to improve our local democracy, based on something you have learned or been encouraged to think about during the day. 

Develop something from our Ideas Bazaar

Our Notwestminster main events include an Ideas Bazaawhere we share practical ideas that we can work on together, based on our discussions during the event. Please let us know about anything this inspires you to do, or anything you’ve already done.

Democracy Maker Days

We’ve worked with people in our network to host a series of Democracy Maker Days where we work together on practical challenges or shared learning activities to help us improve our local democracy. For 2022 we are hosting a new online event.

Our previous activities have included:

Design Experiments for Local Democracy

Design Experiments for Local Democracy was a practical programme for local democracy advocates. We encouraged people to rapidly test and evaluate new ways of doing local democracy, and we supported each other in doing this.  The programme was co-ordinated by the Notwestminster network and the Centre for Public Scrutiny. Want to try a democracy experiment in your area? Please get in touch.

Design Challenges for Local Democracy

We developed a series of Design Challenges for Local Democracy. We’d love to hear from you if you’re already working on any of these issues. or if you’d like to collaborate to help develop new ways of doing things – you can connect with others in our network.