Who is it for? Everyone

Local government officers – are you interesting in developing some new ways of involving people in local democracy?

Councillors – are you making the best use of digital tools to connect with people who live and work in your area?

Community activists – are you trying to get something done in your neighbourhood and wish it was easier to have a voice in the decisions that affect you?

Thinkers – are you a researcher, academic or democratic organisation looking for examples of how people are getting involved in local decisions?

Makers – are you interested in creating new digital tools to help people get things done in their local area?

Connectors – are you a hyperlocal website contributor, a blogger or tweeter with lots to say about where you live?

Voters of today and tomorrow – are you getting all the information you need to help you choose how to vote?

None of the above? – if you’re interested, you’re very welcome to take part.

Notwestminster 2022

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