Opening up democracy data

A Notwestminster 2016 workshop idea from Lucy Knight

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This workshop will delve into what we want from “open democracy data”, using some of the tools being developed by Open Data Institute nodes. It will include interactive discussions using the Data Frame and related tools. We’ll talk about what data goes in to the democratic process, what data comes out, why people get involved and what they need from it.

With a good range of people from different sectors in the room, we will find out details we didn’t know before about who collected what information and how they use it. We’ll learn who might have a use for something we store – who might have a need to know something that we had no idea was useful – and we will begin to build a model of how the information should and could flow for particular scenarios.

My colleague Simon Gough developed several tools including the Data Frame that I’ve found incredibly helpful for moving discussions past “how do we change the system?” and on to “what’s the job we’re trying to do and what resources do we have?”

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Lucy Knight ©Tom Hampson of Visual Eye Creative. For more information visit www.visualeye.bizLucy Knight
Open Data Lead
Devon County Council & LocalGov Digital

Lucy worked in opto-electronics and fine arts before moving into local government, spending the last 15 years at Devon County Council in analytics and policy roles. Alongside the day job Lucy is co-founder of the ODI Devon Node and Devon Open Data Forum, and an illustrator and sketch note artist using physical and digital media. She is currently developing the concept of the data storyboard and, building on her experience of working at the extreme ends of the technical / creative spectrum,  advocates for better communication around open data and better communication with data – especially between experts and non-experts.

Photo of Lucy © Tom Hampson of Visual Eye Creative. For more information visit

Design Challenges for Local DemocracyLocal Democracy Design Challenges

All our 2016 workshops have been created by our participants in response to our Design Challenges for Local Democracy, which were crowdsourced from our Notwestminster network. This workshop is inspired by….

Open Democracy Data: The details of local council decision making affect everyone’s lives and yet they are often obscured within agendas, minutes and reports.  How can we better share the data of local democracy so that it is open to be seen, used and shared?

Notwestminster 2016 workshops list

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